August 2019 Board of Supervisors Meeting – It is finally done!

CONGRATULATIONS!  It is finally done!

Last night (August 12, 2019), at the regularly scheduled August monthly meeting, our Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to make Combat Ranges a prohibited land use in this county.  There were 10 previously prohibited uses – so this becomes the 11th!

This outcome is the culmination of concerted efforts of many folks in New Kent AND James City County to protect our communities from a proposed conditional use permit request to build a Counter-Terrorism, Combat Training Facility in the Barhamsville area.  Such a build would have permanently disrupted our neighborhoods, severely impacted property values and caused a devastatingly unsafe condition for all inhabitants.

So what have we learned? We learned there is no limit to what can be achieved once a community comes together. We forged new friendships. We truly became a neighborhood. We learned to rely upon and trust each other. We stood up for what we know is right. We become a formidable force – for good – in New Kent.

We also learned we must continue to pay close attention to our local government. It is said you get the government you deserve. If so, ours will be better from now on because so many folks are following everything that is done in this county. And in the long run, New Kent County also becomes the winner. Our citizen involvement will assist this county as we face the future and deal with inevitable growth.

I am proud of each of you. We spent many, many hours preparing for and attending meetings, doing extensive research, making presentations, appearing on radio and television, collecting signatures, and maintaining contact with fellow citizens and government folks via emails, websites, Facebook, home visits and phone calls. We are now very ready for the next cause – whatever it may be.

Huge thanks must go out to Board of Supervisor member, Mr. Ron Stiers, for his support of our cause. He is truly a man of the people. Last year, Ron traveled at his own expense to Montross, Virginia and spent time at the O’Gara combat training facility and surrounding community. O’Gara was said to be very similar to the type of facility Mr. Curtis wanted to build here. After this on-scene visit, Mr. Stiers concluded a combat facility was totally inappropriate for our populated area.

Additional thanks to our Senator Thomas Norment who officially intervened on citizen’s behalf.

As previously stated, the vote to prohibit combat training facilities in New Kent County was 4-1. Mr. Thomas Evelyn, of District 1, voted to allow them. His reasoning is his own and was not explained. It is of interest he was Chairman of the Board of Supervisors when the Conditional Use Permit # 02-18 was submitted last year and repeatedly denied NCRNK requests to be put on the official BOS monthly or work session agenda so it could be addressed.

Soooooooo, take a moment and reflect. It is done. The community pulled together and achieved much. All that’s left to do is pick a date for our second annual NCRNK picnic! Will get back to you all with that ASAP! In the meantime, SMILE! So proud of you all!


Sandi Gauthier