June 2019 Planning Commission Meeting

New Kent, VA – On Monday, June 17, 2019, the Planning Commission tabled the work on the definition of “combat range.”

After John Lockwood, Charles Karow and Sandi Gauthier made a plea to the commission to add combat tactical training facilities to prohibited land uses during public hearing, apparently, some of the commissioners were against the prohibition of the combat ranges in New Kent County and worked on convincing the rest of the commissioners and distracting them from working on the definition. They also painted us as unpatriotic, even though the definition excludes government facilities. Sadly, the Chairman seemed to agree with them that we already had protections in the county code and did not need a prohibition. This is not true. If we had such protection against combat ranges in the county already, why was the opinion of the county’s planning staff neutral for the Curtis proposal. Obviously, the existing code was not clear enough for the staff to reject the Curtis application out right, thus causing us considerable anguish until Senator Norment intervened.

One of the commissioners even claimed that he voted against the Curtis proposal. We all know the vote never happened. Curtis withdrew the proposal before the vote!!!!

Read the approved minutes.