May 2019 Board of Supervisors Meeting

New Kent, VA – On Monday, May 13, 2019, Mr. Tiller moved to have the Board of Supervisors refer to the Planning Commission for its review, to hold a public hearing, and make a recommendation in accordance with section 15.2-2285 of the Code of Virginia, an ordinance to add “Combat Range/Combat Training Facility” to the list of prohibited uses in Section 98-64 of the New Kent County Code.

Ms. Paige moved to amend the motion to also include asking the Planning Commission to consider whether to add or remove other uses in the prohibited uses category.

Mr. Hefty indicated a vote on the amendment was now needed. The members were polled:

Ron Stiers Aye
W. R. Davis, Jr. Aye
Thomas W. Evelyn Nay
Patricia A. Paige Aye
C. Thomas Tiller, Jr. Aye

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