Support Sue Sadler

Dear Friends,

It is election campaign time and here’s hoping you remember the great support all of Barhamsville and New Kent County received from our good friend, Sue Sadler, who is the James City County Stonehouse District Supervisor representative. Not only does the JCC Stonehouse District border the Barhamsville area, but it shares very similar concerns and interests. As the No Combat Range in New Kent efforts unfolded, Sue Sadler remained steadfast behind us to protect the greater area from imminent harm.

Sue Sadler has proven she shares the same vision for our rural area as most of us in NCRNK, and if you have a mind to contribute to a personal campaign, we urge you to support her. While she cannot directly represent NKC residents, the results of her efforts most assuredly and directly affect us. It would greatly benefit all of the Barhamsville area, as well as the rest of New Kent County, if Sue remained in her current JCC Supervisor position.

Donations of any size, modest to large, are greatly appreciated and can make a huge difference in campaign efforts. You can send donations to the following address:

Friends of Sue Sadler
9929 Mountain Berry Ct.
Toano, VA 23168

PS – For donations of $100 or less, only name and address of donor are required. For donations over $100, donor’s employer and employer address are also required. Thank you for considering this request. While many of us have never been directly involved in politics before, our experience with NCRNK has convinced folks that we cannot sit on the sidelines any longer and let others do all the heavy lifting for our families and friends. Everyone must get involved – and stay involved. So whether you decide to support our friend, Sue Sadler, or someone else, you are encouraged to enter the fray and support your favorite candidates!