No Combat Range in NK Progress Report and CALL TO ARMS ….. Meeting Tuesday Night, 4 September at 6 pm at NKC Admin Building — Please Attend

Good Morning Everyone,

The Struggle Continues to Prohibit Combat Ranges in New Kent . . . . Next Orange Shirt Event is this coming Tuesday, 4 September, at 6 pm

It has been four weeks since our last communique – a lot has happened – and yet, lasting progress has been elusive thus far.  It’s my intent to bring everyone up to speed on where we are right now.

** On 6 August, we met with Mr. Evelyn, Chairman of the NKC Board of Supervisors, and Mr. Hathaway, NKC Administrator, to convey how avoiding a Board vote on the Curtis Conditional Use Permit #02-18 has impacted our community.  (The vote was avoided because Curtis withdrew his application in view of overwhelming public resistance.)  At this 6 Aug 18 meeting, we directly requested the NKC Board to amend the County ordinance which currently identifies 10 unacceptable activities to include an 11th unacceptable activity, Combat Ranges. We believe this is the clearest path to restoring our property values as well as the stability, peace and tranquility we enjoyed before this unsuitable activity was actively pursued by Curtis Security Consulting. Citing procedural rules and parliamentary procedures, Mr. Evelyn told us it will take until November to implement this simple edit. We were told no changes could be made to the County ordinance without a public hearing (in other words, it would have to be officially addressed – be an agenda item – at a regularly scheduled Planning Commission & Board of Supervisors meeting).

** We attended the Board of Supervisors 13 August meeting and the Joint Planning Commission/BOS meeting 20 August and used the Citizen Forum sessions at both to again state our community’s desire to have this 11th prohibition (combat ranges) added to the NKC Ordinances.

** 14 August, we officially requested to be added to the BOS meeting agenda in September – to officially request Combat Ranges be prohibited from allowable land uses in the New Kent County.

** 17 August, our attorney, Mr. Will Shewmake, met with Mr. Andy Curtis and his attorney to discuss land uses and rezoning procedures. As Mr. Shewmake has over 30 years’ experience in zoning regulations, this should have been a useful and insightful session for Curtis Security Consulting Inc.

** Throughout the month, calls were made on Supervisors and Commissioners asking for support in making Combat Ranges an 11th Prohibited Land Use.

** We met with our Virginia State Delegate, Mr. Chris Peace, to discuss the current process of handling extraordinary Conditional Use Permits. He was most helpful and insightful.

** We sent a thank you letter to Senator Norment for his support of our community NCRNK efforts and updated him on our current situation.

Yesterday afternoon, we were informed our request to be on the agenda for the 4 September BOS meeting had been denied – no explanation for that denial was provided. This is extremely disappointing as it means the process of getting Combat Range PROHIBITIONS up for a public hearing cannot be scheduled. The threat of the presence of a Combat Range in our Hamlet has already reduced our property values, including those properties in James City County within two miles of Barhamsville, by at least 24% and has limited our residents’ access to equity capital. Meanwhile, Mr. Curtis retains the ability to re-apply for a CUP at the same or at an equally unsuitable property elsewhere in the county.

We cannot get well – we cannot move forward – until our elected officials take positive steps to permanently prevent such a re-occurrence.

So what is to be done now?  What can YOU do???

#1 – Contact our BOS Supervisor Chairman, Mr. Evelyn, and request he add Prohibited Land Use #11 (Combat Ranges) to the BOS Agenda as soon as possible. If we are not to be heard in September, then we request October … and if not in October, then November.  Mr. Evelyn can be reached at the following email address:  Send Mr. Evelyn a short message ….. He has told us many times that he enjoys hearing from citizens — let him hear from you now!

Request he add #11 Prohibited Land Use to our zoning ordinances!  Request he put NCRNK on the BOS agenda. I emailed him yesterday.

#2 – Pull your beautiful Orange Shirt out of the closet and attend the Board of Supervisors Meeting – this coming Tuesday night, 4 September, at 6 pm at the NKC Admin Building. We must let our BOS know we are still here and we’re looking to them to fix this! We know this is short notice, but if all possible, please join us Tuesday.

We’ve come a long way – we’ve sacrificed our time and energies – we cannot stop now. We are not going away until we accomplish our goal of safeguarding our local community, the entire county and surrounding neighborhoods! A show of force would be most helpful in getting that point across.  See You Tuesday Evening!


Sandi Gauthier

PS – Want to have some fun?  For your reading pleasure, we highly recommend the most current New Kent County Data Summary, dated Jan 2010.

This report provides a nice overview of the second fastest growing county in the Commonwealth. Did you know the population of NKC increased from around 5,000 folks in 1970 to well over 20,000 residents today? That is incredible! Most of this impressive increase is due to what the report calls “In-Migration” of new folks – with new ideas and new expectations of their county government. As we blend into communities where ancestral families have lived for generations, we strive to take our place and make substantial contributions to our neighborhoods. That is the basis for our involvement with the No Combat Range in New Kent movement. We are all working together, as neighbors, family and friends.

The NKC Data Summary report is located online at