August Board of Supervisors Meeting

New Kent, VA – Joe Davis, John Lockwood and Charles Karow attended the August 13th Board of Supervisors meeting; During the citizen comment period, Joe Davis spoke for the No Combat Range NK group and was allowed 7 minutes to speak. He presented the logical reasons for having a list of prohibited uses in the county zoning laws. The main reason is to prevent the wasted time and energy of considering a proposal that is clearly incompatible with the Comprehensive Plan and/or zoning laws, and should stand no chance of being approved. He went on to summarize the reasons that a tactical combat training facility is incompatible with the Comprehensive Plan, and would be a threat to the safety, economic and environmental well-being of citizens in New Kent County, no matter what location in the county it was proposed to be located. He then called for the addition of tactical combat training facilities as the 11th prohibited use on the existing list of prohibited uses in the county zoning laws.

John Lockwood was prepared to speak for himself on his feelings about the matter, and to offer some definitions of tactical combat training facilities for the staff’s consideration in the drafting of the language of the new prohibition, but the chairman did not allow him to speak. He did provide a written handout to the members of the board.