No Combat Range New Kent … Moving forward while keeping an Ear to the Ground

July 15, 2018

Good morning, Everyone.

The purpose of this correspondence to is continue to share information with you regarding the Curtis land use permit (Curtis CUP-02-18) and plan our way forward.

Item #1 – The Letter: On 12 July, Senator Thomas K. Norment, Jr urged our county officials to reject the Curtis Combat Range. I’ve attached a copy of his letter for your records. I’ve also extracted the text below in case you have any problem opening his supportive language:

Re: New Kent County Combat Range

I am writing you regarding the proposed combat range in Barhamsville, which I appreciate is a local land use issue currently before the Planning Commission.

This matter has generated significant concerns from many residents. A number of our shared constituents have contacted my office to voice their apprehension with the potential approval of this facility.  As a former member of the James City County Board of Supervisors, I understand and appreciate that this is a local land use issue. Given the intense scrutiny and trepidation that both residents and businesses have for this project, and specific concerns they have expressed, I firmly believe it would be in the best interests of New Kent and the residents of Barhamsville for the Board to reject this land use permit.

Item #2 – Petitions: We want to collect and count all the signed petitions you’ve obtained. Please take petitions to either Gauthier Vineyard Winery (check for open hours on Fridays, Sat and Sundays), Safe & Sound in Barhamsville, or to Holly Fork Farm. Our goal is to get a total count ALL the signatures – and report that to the county officially. We will also include Bee’s wonderful On-Line Petition Drive results!

Item #3 – Yard signs: please keep them prominently posted until the county government guarantees us they will adhere to the Comprehensive Plan and aggressively defends our land use codes. See the attached sign for possible updating (thanks, John)!

No Combat Range in NK Ever!

Item #4 – Presentations: We’ll gather and maintain ALL presentations that were prepared for the Planning Commission – just in case we need to dust them off at a future date.

Item #5 – Plan our next Community-Wide meeting …. Believe this will involve food and drink, fun and music . . . and lots of festive Orange Attire! We’ve created a wonderful network of friends.  We’ve worked hard and sacrificed our time and money to a greater cause … now it is time to enjoy those new relationships and celebrate our wonderful community! Much more on this gathering to be announced soon.

Item #6 – Our Supervisor: We will, as a group, decide who we want to run from District 5 for the Board of Supervisors position that is to be filled this December 2018. Our nominee will be someone we know and trust and admire – this person will represent us in New Kent County matters. This person will work tirelessly for all of US . . . . and in return, we pledge to support our new supervisor and assist him/her in whatever capacity needed. Our community of like-minded neighbors has become a force to be reckoned with. We are united!

Item #7 – Lastly, our attorney will have discussions with The Curtis Group/Curtis Security Consulting/Curtis Contracting attorney this week to determine Curtis’ intentions regarding Curtis CUP-02-18. We’ll let you know immediately when we get any information. In the meantime, keep your powder dry and your ear to the ground!

Sandi Gauthier