Curtis CUP-02-18 Withdrawn – There will be no Public Hearing this coming Monday, 16 July

Good morning, Everyone.

In case you haven’t heard, The Curtis Group withdrew its Conditional Use Permit (Curtis CUP-02-18) application yesterday, so there will be no Planning Commission hearing on the CUP request on Monday night, 16 July. Please let your friends and neighbors know.

Given the hundreds who had planned to attend the public hearing Monday night, we need help getting the word out that the CUP application has been withdrawn and there will be no hearing on the CUP.

We thank everyone for their extraordinary effort and commitment in protecting the place we call home. We also appreciate and fully understand Curtis has withdrawn the CUP application to reassess their proposed project. We’re hopeful that after considering the litany of concerns raised, they will realize Barhamsville is not an appropriate venue for a combat range.

That said, we also understand they have a right to reapply, so we’ll keep you posted and let you know immediately of any discussions we have with The Curtis Group, Curtis Security Consulting or their representatives.

Once again, thanks for all you have done. This process has demonstrated we live in a truly remarkable community. You guys are all awesome!!!

Sandi Gauthier