Presentation at Stonehouse Community Center, July 11, 2018

Stonehouse at Mill Pond – A crowd of over 40 people attended a meeting at the Stonehouse Community Center on Wednesday, July 11th, at which John Lockwood, Eric Cruz and Charles Karow presented detailed facts on the Curtis Security Consulting proposed combat training facility.

John Lockwood talks to a crowd at Stonehouse
John Lockwood talks to a crowd at Stonehouse

Lockwood set the stage for the meeting by describing the proposal, showing the master plan site map, and providing details on the application process. He then explained why the proposed facility does not fit in the Barhamsville hamlet/village and why local residents are opposed to it. He when on to discuss the impact on the nearby James City County residents, including Stonehouse, and to encourage their attendance at next Monday’s Planning Commission meeting. He emphasized the fact that anyone can speak at the public hearing, regardless of their county of residence, and that each voice is important, even if all they say is “I am opposed to this application.”

Cruz talked about the safety issues, and showed the Surface Danger Zone map, indicating that over 80% of Stonehouse residences are within the danger zone. The Surface Danger Zone is the area where there is a risk of being hit by a stray bullet, and is defined by the US Department of Defense standard (DA PAM-385-63).

Karow outlined his detailed analysis of the economic impact of the proposed facility, and highlighted the results showing that the New Kent County would incur a net loss in tax revenues of hundreds of thousands of dollars each year when the drop in property values is taken into account. James City County could see a drop in property values of well over $12 million as a result of the presence of the proposed facility. He also dispelled some of the myths that have been seen in the press and at public meetings, including the myth of a “self-contained outdoor shooting range.”

There were many questions from the audience, and all were encouraged to attend the Monday, July 16th Planning Commission meeting at New Kent High School, and bring friends.