Community Meeting 6 on July 9, 2018

Another huge success for our Community-wide (6th meeting since June 6). We had only one of our ‘No Combat Range in NK’ shirts left at the end of the meeting!!!

We had an excellent turnout (> 200 folks). Almost half of the crowd were first-timers to one of our meetings. The word is spreading! We filled up the newly-built wedding chapel at the Gauthier Winery with an overflow to the lawn.

After the summary Will Shewmake, our lawyer, went through the process and encouraged the community to keep the pedal to the metal! Keep the letters, emails and phone calls going to the planners and supervisors. Talk with supervisors and planning members you may know personally. Or if you know someone that does, have them do so.

Will also said to keep it classy, don’t get Negative and start picking people apart or getting angry. We have the facts on our side and we know that they can’t prove anything that they’re saying. He also reminded everyone at the meeting on Monday that both sides are allowed to speak and to be absolutely quiet if somebody says something that you don’t agree with.

We went through the schedule for this week – Meeting with Supervisors, Paige and Tiller on Tuesday at 3:00 pm – the Williamsburg Christian Retreat at 7:00 pm and the Stonehouse on Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

The big push is to get a mega-turnout for the Planning Commission meeting Monday the 16th at the New Kent High School auditorium!