Call To Action, July 16, 2018 (Cancelled)

July 13, 2018: CUP-02-18 WITHDRAWN

1. Keep up the calls and letters. Don’t let up.

2. Write letters to the editor, especially the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

3. Talk with supervisors and planning members you may know personally. Or if you know someone that does, have them do so.

4. Absolutely the most important thing we can do as a group now is to produce a huge number of attendees at the commission meeting on the 16th. Everyone at the community meeting needs to bring a friend. At least one. Get your friends, neighbors, everyone that supports our side. Wear orange if you can – doesn’t have to be an official shirt.

5. Be at the high school by 6 pm or earlier to sign up to speak. If you have a special condition such as medical, PTSD, special needs family members, etc. that will result in an exacerbated effect, PLEASE speak about it.

6. Please sign up to speak. Even if everything has been said by the time you are called, or you just don’t want to speak a lot, get up, say your name, say your address and district (if from NKC) and state your agreement with previous statements and opposition to the CUP-02-18.