Proposed shooting range will harm peaceful hamlet (July 1, 2018)

Letters to the Editor July 1, 2018 – Richmond Times-Dispatch

The proposed paramilitary combat range in the southern end of New Kent, if passed, will destroy businesses and homes in the Barhamsville hamlet. Already illegal according to county code, there should be no question that this will bring unsafe living conditions for children. Excessive noise for more than 15 hours a day will have a deleterious effect on horse farms in the area. This includes Dreamcatchers Therapeutic Ranch, a facility that provides miraculous services for human beings with a variety of issues including PTSD. Passing this proposal could wipe them out, to say nothing of other farms and businesses in the area.

There is no place in New Kent for such a facility, and it goes against the comprehensive plan and laws created by the very people who will vote on this issue.

Dawn Estrin