Mondays, 9 Jul and 16 Jul – Critical Dates …. and Property Values Already Taking Hits

Critical Dates  —- at the Bottom of this message— Mark Your Calendar for Monday 9 July at the winery and Monday 16 July at NKCo High School.


And so it begins – our property values are already being negatively impacted by Curtis Conditional Use Permit (Curtis CUP-02-18). I have three anecdotal cases to share:

#1 – Property owners purchased 10-acre home site in December 2017 – property is adjacent to the Curtis parcel. They obtained permit to build their forever home and signed contract with builder. On 18 June, when they discovered the Curtis plan, they halted construction. If Curtis CUP approved, they are concerned they won’t even be able to sell their land – much less ever live there.

#2 – Prospective buyer in Kings Village – when they discovered the Curtis plan, cancelled their offer on an existing home – will not even consider purchasing next to a combat range.

#3 – Prospective buyer of NKCo land – although they love the site in Barhamsville, when they discovered the Curtis plan, walked away and decided to purchase in King and Queen. This prospective buyer called the Curtis CUP “a true blight on the area”.

If you recall, part of the Curtis pitch to our county officials was Curtis will bring in so much revenue with their Combat Range that the property tax rate on the rest of the county would go DOWN. This is simply not true. Compared to the harm/decreases in property values caused directly by the Curtis Combat Range, property tax rates FOR ALL PROPERTY OWNERS THROUGHOUT NEW KENT COUNTY will have to GO UP – not down. And our detailed analysis of actual revenues the Curtis facility can bring to county coffers is much less optimistic than Curtis’ projections.

Curtis continually speaks of how they’ve tried to have meaningful discourse with the community. Steven Taylor of Curtis, said “We took around flyers and tried to be good neighbors. We certainly aren’t trying to sneak through the county, there’s no secretive aspect about it.” Please take a look at the attached ‘friendly flyer’ Curtis stuck in some mailboxes. This flyer was not sent through the USPS, there was no date stamped envelope, the flyer is undated, there is no letterhead, it is addressed to the generic New Kent County Resident (as opposed to Dear Adjacent Property Owner), the text fails to address the full extent of the Conditional Use Permit parameters, the name at the bottom of the flyer is “Kaitlyn C.” …. No last name given. This flyer was obviously drafted to check a box, but not to alert anyone of the actual intended purpose and nature of the Curtis Combat Facility to be plopped in our midst. A friendly notification?  It was clearly drafted to obscure and downplay the intent.

Curtis also states they have been misunderstood or that some folks in the county simply don’t want to listen to their presentation. Fact is, we have spent considerable time studying the Curtis Conditional Use Permit and every presentation Curtis gives. It is not that we misunderstand. We understand fully what they want to build and operate. To date, we’ve submitted 75 sheets of paper petitions, containing 886 signatures, of folks who know what is in the CUP-02-18 and they officially OPPOSE it. Many more signatures will be collected.

I thought it would be interesting to know something about these “misinformed” 886 folks. They are: Farmers; College Students; Bus Drivers; Lawyers (of every type imaginable, including a Federal Prosecutor); CPAs; MBAs; PhDs (again, in every type discipline you can name); Housewives; Home School, Public School, and Church School Teachers; Artists (in every medium); Plumbers; Chefs; Computer Geniuses; Financial Planner; Welders; Builders; Master Mason; Linguist; 4-H Leaders; Horsemen/women (Trainers, Coaches, Guides, Competitors); Fire Chief; Security Workers; Laborers; Retirees; Dentist; Dental Technicians; Veterinarians; Vet Techs; Tailors; Child Care & Day Care Providers; Master Gardeners; Chemist; Physicist; Photographers; Tech Writer; Restaurateur; Clerks; numerous CEOs, Salesmen; Ministers; Nuns; Boaters; Hunters; Security Guards; Fishermen; Golfers; Engineers (again, of many disciplines including Electrical, Mechanical, Acoustic – ie, Sound); Wood Workers; Employees of County, State and Federal Government Agencies (HUD, DoD, SEC, DoJ, USPS, DoE, NASA); Psycho Therapist; Musicians; Property Managers; Race Car Driver; Para Legals; Grocer; Realtors; Bankers; Veterans, Active Duty and Retired Military from every branch; Entrepreneurs; Tax Payers; and Voters. Most own guns. Many belong to the NRA – many are Conceal Carry Permit Holders. All love their homes, families, neighbors, community and country.


9 July — Mark your calendars for our Community-Wide Meeting this coming Monday, 9 July at 6:30 pm at Gauthier Vineyard. Bring a neighbor …. and a couple of folding chairs. Our attorney, Mr. Will Shewmake, will be there. We will go over our detailed strategy for addressing the Planning Commission.

16 July — The second date for your calendar – It’s critical you attend. Bring others with you! That’s the actual Planning Commission Public Hearing on Curtis CUP-02-18. Monday, 16 July, at the New Kent County High School Auditorium. It starts at 6:30 pm. Be there early – we expect a large crowd. That’s when we each have the opportunity to address our public officials. Even if you aren’t comfortable with public speaking, sign up that evening at the high school – then stand up when it’s your turn and tell our Commissioners “I oppose Curtis CUP-02-18”. Every single voice is important. Everyone has the right to be heard! We need to fill that auditorium!!

ORANGE. And wear your Orange shirts – of whatever style and type. Orange is definitely the “IN” color this season in New Kent County.

You guys make us so very honored to be part of this activist community!

Sandi Gauthier


Curtis Notification Letter