New Kent should say no to tactical facility

July 3, 2018, 5:00 PM

The tactical training facility proposed for Barhamsville is causing deserved concerns. I happen to have a foot in both camps on this matter, so to speak. I am an avid supporter of gun rights and their proper use and training and a long time NRA member. I am also a Board Member of Dream Catchers.

Based on my familiarity and experience with firearms and the facilities that are necessary for practice shooting, I am alarmed that the Curtis plan will be so close to homes and businesses. Mr. Stewart’s June 30 Gazette opinion letter was on point, particularly concerning the range of even small-rifle ammunition. The intended and unintended consequences of building such a facility will, at minimum, cause disturbance to neighbors. The impact on Dream Catchers could be devastating, inasmuch as our rider/participants — primarily physically challenged children — and our horses must have a quiet and peaceful venue in order to perform and reap the benefits of therapeutic horseback riding.

I would normally be enthusiastic at the thought of a conveniently located training facility like this. The nearest such business is the U.S. Training Center in Moyock, North Carolina, which is a fabulous facility. But, that is located in a very rural area on 4,000 acres. A 265 acres site nearby to housing development and businesses is not appropriate.

I hope that New Kent County will do the right thing for its residents and neighbors in James City County by declining this proposal.

Robert D. Moore

James City County