Letter to Commissioners and Supervisors (June 30, 2018)

From: Chris Baker

Sent: Sat, Jun 30, 2018 3:22 pm

Subject: Curtis Conditional Use Permit (CUP-02-18)

To the New Kent County Board of Supervisors and the New Kent County Planning Commission (via Ms. Kelli Le Duc),

By now you understand that the residents of New Kent County and James City County, especially those in and around Barhamsville, are strongly opposed to the Curtis proposal to operate a “Combat” Range/Training Facility off of Barham Road.  My wife and I are included in that group.  While we have only been residents of NKC for 18 months, we built our home in the middle of beautiful farmland to enjoy the peace and quiet the county has to offer.

Now my home is within 1 mile of the most asinine proposal anyone could imagine.

You have probably already been flooded with all the lies of the Curtis Group and all the vehement arguments against such a proposal.  Noise, safety, acreage, property devaluation, lack of operational experience, impact to local businesses, etc.  I won’t waste your time repeating the details.  The negative impact of granting approval to CUP-02-18 cannot be adequately put into words.  It comes down to a simple issue in my opinion.  A private self-serving corporation wants to disrupt the lives and livelihood of an entire community, putting lives and businesses at risk, in an area in which they do not reside.

You (the BOS at least) are public servants (not corporate servants) and elected officials responsible for acting in the best interests of the residents of this county.  It is your responsibility to reject this ill-conceived proposal at the earliest possible opportunity, and if you fail at fulfilling your responsibility, you will almost certainly bring national negative attention and class-action litigation to your doorsteps for the open disregard of the residents who elected you and for violating your own county code.

Please consider the expressed desires and needs of the current residents of New Kent County above the misguided ideas of a private corporation when making your decision.


Christopher Baker