Letter to Commissioners and Supervisors (June 29, 2018)

Jun 29, 2018


Dear Ms Le Duc,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of my extreme opposition to the proposed Curtis Counter-terrorism Project. My opposition is both person and communal. I own the farm at 18820 Tabernacle Road in Barhamsville. My farm abuts the Curtis property. I was born and grew up there. It was my home for 18 years and I still consider Barhamsville, a peaceful farming community, my home.

There is absolutely no need for the project other than to satisfy the commercial economic demands of the Curtis Corporation. The lure of lucrative Government Contracts is the motivating factor in converting this farm land into a simulated WAR ZONE. Corporations are not satisfied with the financial return of a farming operation, so using the guise of National Security, this Corporation wants to develop a public nuisance that will destroy the peace and tranquility of the populace, eliminate an active farming operation, and adversely affect the surrounding property values. If there is such a security need for training the Camp Peary site has 9275 acres of government land that is nearby. According to Wikipedia only a small portion of the land is developed.

I implore the Commissioners and Supervisors to vote a unanimous NO to this obnoxious proposal. If the Curtis Corporation must have a larger return on its investment, then there are many other more peaceful options available. My farm has been a farming operation for circa 200 years. As long as I have control of the land it will continue as a farm. Corporations have no attachment to the land. The owners live in Manakin Sabot, and I am sure the owners would not want a WAR ZONE adjacent to their property. The audacity of this proposal is preposterous.

Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for disseminating my concerns to our Commissioners and Supervisors.

Signed: New Kent County native and landowner