Call To Action, June 26, 2018

Good morning Everyone!

Two items of interest:

# 1 – Wednesday, 27 June, at 0900 at the New Kent County Admin Building, Curtis Construction/CSC/The Curtis Group will be providing our Board of Supervisors a briefing at the BOS Working Session.  We (NoCombatRangeInNK) will not be allowed to speak ….. however we will be allowed to sit, quietly, and hear every word.  If you are able, and interested, this is open to the public.  Several folks are already planning on attending.  We will brief everyone on the results of this Curtis briefing later that evening at our #5 Community Meeting.  Our #5 meeting starts at 6:30 pm at Gauthier Vineyard Winery – address is 5000 Farmers Drive, Barhamsville.  See you there!

#2 – A BIG thought – We’re not sure our county officials are aware of the numerous and impressive contributions, IN ADDITION TO TAXES, that citizens in this community contribute to the general welfare of all.  If you are involved in such activity, please send me a short email with the name of your charity/ies (such as volunteering at our schools, supporting the Christmas lighting ceremony at the Courthouse, Saving Grace, Dream Catchers, etc ), a short description of the good works that group does, and an estimate (just an estimate) of the number of hours you invest in that good work.  We will compile that data – and provide it to our county reps as an indicator of our commitment to New Kent and the surrounding areas.  We challenge Curtis to do the same …. for we find no indication of Curtis “giving back” anywhere.  Looking forward to your inputs — and thank you, in advance, for all you do!

Sandi Gauthier