Stolen Signs

There have been multiple reports of the orange signs being stolen.

For example:

“Good Morning.  I just wanted to give you the heads up and let you determine if it should be brought to everyone’s attention about what I saw on Farmers Drive this morning.  I saw a young gentleman in a white extended cab pick-up pulled off in the drive across the road from your vineyard pulling a NO COMBAT Sign off the mail box and quickly running back to his pick-up.  I can’t imagine this person can take down all the signs, but folks may want to keep an eye out.”


“My sign was stolen too. I had it at the entrance to my neighborhood on Route 30. It was put out this morning a little before 7 am, and was gone by 8:15 am. I called New Kent Sheriff’s dept. and reported it to Deputy Bristow. … This is absolutely ridiculous. … I will keep getting signs and putting them out. ”

If you discover YOUR sign or banner or whatever is missing or damaged — Here’s what must be done — CALL THE SHERIFF’s Department and report that your sign (private Property) has been STOLEN.  Also ask them to investigate TRESPASSING on your personal property.  USE THE LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT folks to document this very bad behavior.

Per New Kent County Government Website ( us/faq.aspx?TID=15), dial 911 and report the crime to our Sheriff.  He works for us, too.

Sandi Gauthier

PS — Hang in there.  We must be getting under someone’s skin for them to resort to childish behavior like this.