Letter: June 23, 2018

I am writing to voice my concern and opposition to the Curtis Group/CSC Conditional Use Permit (CUP-02-18) for a Combat Training Facility in New Kent. I live less than 2 miles from the proposed facility in a 600 home neighborhood that will be affected by this proposed facility.

As a retired vice president of engineering with 40+ years’ experience with most of the world’s automotive companies during which time I spent many hours studying automotive noise at test tracks (on and off road) in Europe, Japan and the US. The sound from evasive maneuvering training is going to be very objectionable. Depending on wind conditions I can hear the drone from I64 which is essentially a constant sound. The type of driving at this facility is going to be far more objectionable, by its nature there will be hard accelerating and braking, not just to me but my 599 neighbors.

Regarding the sound study the Curtis group has used to show the noise from the shooting range is only just above the ambient noise. To most people the fact that it is 5-10dB above the ambient may not seem much but dB is a logarithmic scale and this difference is well over twice the ambient level. Hearing shooting every day is not acceptable in this area, we currently hear shooting during hunting season from outside our neighborhood but that is only a short period.