Presentation at 2nd Elam Baptist Church

John Lockwood and Charles Karow, along with some other community members, met with a group concerned members and the pastors of 4 area churches at Second Elam Baptist Church Thursday evening, June 21 at 6:00 pm.

John presented an excellent overview of the proposed combat training facility, emphasizing our desire to spread the facts without undue emotion or exaggeration.

Board of Supervisors member Patricia Paige was also in attendance, and she spoke about the proposal and the legal process that must be followed. She expressed her commitment to represent all of New Kent County, and her desire to get all the facts before making her decision. She indicated that she would be traveling to other communities where similar combat training ranges are located to see for herself the impact on those communities.

Charles presented key information on safety (including the Surface Danger Zone map) and preliminary highlights of an economic study that likely will show that New Kent County would lose far more in tax revenue than would be generated by the proposed combat training range. He also described how the end result could be higher taxes on all properties in New Kent County, so this is not a Barhamsville issue it is a New Kent County issue.

A woman who works at Camp Peary was there, and she described her familiarity with the noise created by this type of training.

The pastors were especially interested in getting the facts so they could be shared with their congregations.

Many people signed the petition, and several have offered to circulate petitions in their own neighborhoods. Lots of people also signed up to be added to the email list for future information. Some asked where they could get their own “No Combat Range NK” orange T-shirts; they were referred to Stephanie Ripchcik at Holly Fork Farm.