Call off our Force Today at Colonial Downs – Sheriff’s Department Concerned

June 22, 2018 – To Everyone …… Please Stand Down – Colonial Downs does not want citizens there today wearing ORANGE – The Sheriff’s Department is worried about our group disrupting the pleasant event.

If you do attend today’s happy ceremony, be respectful and have a good time.  No banners.   No signs.

We do not want to upset our Sheriff’s Department.  What we do want is to be allowed to protect our homes and and our lives.  We are all very happy for Colonial Downs and support their re-opening.  We hope Colonial Downs can support us, too.  We will be requesting their support soon.  We would also like to have a pleasant event to celebrate.

It is a shame when citizen action is viewed as radical.  Per our Sheriff’s Department request, I will not be attending today’s happy event at Colonial Downs.


Sandi Gauthier