Community Meeting 4 on June 19, 2018

Greetings Everyone,

Again – HOME RUN!  Last night’s Community Meeting (this is our fourth gathering) was a huge success.

Our Community Meetings are well attended — 131 folks signed in last night however we know many more than that attended since we started with 120 name tags and ran out well before the meeting started.  And the SEA OF ORANGE shirts, ball caps, and scarves worn by attendees was incredible!  You make us so proud!

Last evening:

*** We reviewed our previous night engagement at the New Kent County Hearing Room, during the Citizen Forum, to speak out against Curtis CUP-02-18.  Turnout for that was off the scale!  We got the attention of our local government……but we must keep it up!

*** We handed out orange T-shirts with black lettering that says NO COMBAT RANGE IN NEW KENT.  For those who did not get one last night, Stephanie Dean Ripchick has more at Holly Fork Farm and we will also bring them back at our next community meeting.  We’ve ordered Yard Signs  – they should arrive soon.   That said, you do not need to wait to publicly display your displeasure with CUP-02-18.  You can make your own sign – and use black magic marker to write on your shirt.  I did – and many folks stopped me and asked what was going on.  Use each encounter as an opportunity to educate your friends and neighbors!

*** Interest in the NO COMBAT RANGE IN NEW KENT citizen movement continues to grow.  Our email distribution list continues to expand.  The Chronicle, our local newspaper, was present last night and took many notes and photos.  Watch for the next edition – we will be featured.

*** Your letters to the County Government folks help the effort to stop Curtis CUP-02-18.  Keep them coming – and make those phone calls as well!

*** We are receiving requests to address church congregations, Rotary Clubs, Home Owner Associations, etc …… and we are attending, with facts, to inform each of those groups.  Reach out to any organization you can think of and brief them.  Let them hear us.

*** We’ve asked for small group meetings with each of the Commissioners, individually, to discuss the NO COMBAT RANGE IN NEW KENT crusade and to provide factual data to each of them.  Curtis is already doing so with Commissioners and Board of Supervisors — we must be given the same opportunity to persuade.

*** We’ve set up a website – —  and are working hard to put up lots of information for you there.

*** Check out our Facebook page at No Combat Range New Kent … much discussion and much information there, too!

*** We collected some totally filled out Petition forms – and handed out more blank ones.  Keep up the excellent work of collecting signatures AND EDUCATING folks on CUP-02-18.  A combat training facility does not belong here, anywhere in New Kent and not in any surrounding areas either where families live, work and play.  It is NOT a fit.

*** We have hired an attorney.

Our next Community meeting will be scheduled soon.  I’ll let you know the date.  In the meantime, please continue to do your important work – please continue to educate everyone.  Make calls, send letters, speak to everyone you can think of.  This community action is a tribute to all that is good about our country.


Sandi Gauthier