Community Meeting 1 on June 6, 2018

Greetings Everyone,

Thank you all for attending the meeting at Holly Fork Farm on Wednesday where we heard an overview presentation by Curtis Security Consulting personnel – primarily Kaitlyn Curtis, Owner/President and Chip Larkin, Manager.

Thirty-three Barhamsville residents attended the presentation.  Thank you, Stephanie, for reaching out to us with invites.  You did not have much time to gather folks to hear the Curtis pitch.

Ms. Curtis has submitted a proposal (CUP-02-18) to the New Kent County Planning Committee to build a +200-acre para-military rapid gun fire, target practice, grenade launching, IED explosives, helicopter assault/insertion/extraction and high speed evasive driving course in our Barhamsville neighborhood.

The facility would be open only to government contracted personnel and would operate 6 days per week, up to 16 hours per day.  Up to 120 personnel would use this facility for training per day.  Up to 50 automobiles would be entering the property with students per day.  The facility would provide overnight berthing and messing facilities to these students.

We were told the impact on the neighborhood of Barhamsville would be minimal.  We were assured we would hardly hear any noise from the gun ranges, explosives area, the helicopter assault maneuvers or the high-speed evasive driving course.  None of these claims is remotely believable.


We are meeting as a small committee of 5, tomorrow (Friday) at Gauthier Vineyard at 5000 Farmers Drive in Barhamsville to discuss a strategy to go forward and successfully end this para-military training proposal.  We meet at 4pm and would like to brief whomever may come to the winery after that meeting is over – probably by 5pm.  We will also have Petitions to be handed out to whomever would like to help get signatures of residents who oppose the building of the Curtis Military Explosives Range in Barhamsville.  Petitions will be submitted to the NKCo Planning Commission.

GREAT BREAKING NEWS – Curtis Contracting has just requested the New Kent County Planning Commission postpone their review from 18 June until JULY 16th….. we will have another MONTH to prepare our case and contact our elected officials about the citizenry DISAPPROVAL of this gun and driving facility.  Things are looking up!

Best wishes,

Sandi Gauthier