Citizen Forum Opposed to Curtis CUP-02-18 on June 18, 2018

Good morning, Everyone.

What a magnificent turnout last night!  What a wonderful example of community involvement and resolve.  We counted 126 citizens attending the Public Hearing – It was a Sea of Orange T-shirts. [Editor’s note: A member of the Board of Supervisors has informed me that the official count was 132 attending.]

Remember, the Curtis Conditional Use Permit was NOT on the agenda — we simply took the opportunity to give the Planning Commissioners a Heads Up that we were active – and that we’d be back in full force NEXT month for the actual hearing on Curtis CUP-02-18.

Thanks to all of you who spent your evening at the New Kent County Planning Commission meeting.  Every seat in the hearing room was taken.  Folks were standing 3-deep in the back of the room and about twenty folks stood in the hall – and listened through the doorway.

Our Commissioners took notice.  The “Orange Wave” consisted of residents of New Kent and James City County.  The director of Dream Catchers attended – and addressed the detrimental effect CUP-02-18 would have on our cherished neighborhood Therapeutic Riding Program.  Other NO COMBAT RANGE IN NEW KENT speakers included John Lockwood, Charles Karow, Hannah Ripchick, Stephanie Dean Ripchick and Karen Aneiro.  All were compelling.  All were effective.  In other words, this was a great evening for the community.

That said, we cannot rest.  The battle to save our homes and way of life continues.

The next community gathering is tonight, Tuesday, 19 June at Gauthier Winery at 6:30.  Address is 5000 Farmers Drive, Barhamsville.  All are welcome.

See you there.


Sandi Gauthier

See Charles Karow’s presentation on safety to the Planning Commission.