The Code

The Conditional Use Permit asks not only for a change of permitted use in an area zoned A-1 Agricultural, it asks for, and requires our Supervisors to ignore current New Kent County Code. Specifically, Section 98-745-11-O.  The section is copied below. Please scroll down to “O” to find the exact text. Email your planning commission and Supervisors. Tell them you require them to follow our code. Disregarding this code now sets a sinister and dangerous precedent in New Kent.

“Pistol ranges.

a. A site plan per article XXII of this chapter, site plans, will be required. This site plan must meet, at a minimum, the requirements found in the National Rifle Association Range Manual for the type of pistol range proposed. A three-sided earth berm will surround the range.

b. All shooting stations will be designed so they are away from existing residential uses and firearms will be discharged only in a direction away from these existing uses.

c. Noise abatement barriers equal to the NRA Standard and Guidelines set forth in the NRA Range Manual shall be utilized and shall appear on the site plan.

d. Direct fire zones extending a minimum of 3,000 yards shall be maintained directly down range. This distance may be reduced only in a manner that meets or exceeds the standards set forth in the NRA Range Manual.

e. Hours of operation shall be Monday through Saturday from sunrise to sunset or as approved by the board of supervisors. Sunday hours shall be set on a case-by-case basis by the board of supervisors.

f. A written list of the current range rules shall be created and filed in the department of planning.

g. A safety plan, meeting at the minimum the safety standards set forth in the NRA Range Manual, shall be created for the pistol range’s operation, and it shall be filed in the department of planning.

h. The current range rules shall be posted in a conspicuous place. The operator of the range will require that each new user sign and date a copy of the range rules, stating that the user agrees to abide by such rules.

i. Existing religious facilities shall be taken in consideration during site plan review.

j. All instructors shall be certified by the National Rifle Association, and a copy of their certification shall be kept on file in the department of planning.

k. A NRA certified instructor shall be present on-site during all hours of operation.

l. Conditional use permits will be subject to an annual review by the board of supervisors or its agent to ensure compliance with the provisions of this chapter.

m. If the use is abandoned for a period of 12 consecutive months, the conditional use permit shall lapse, and all spent bullets shall be retrieved from the range.

n. No automatic weapons may be discharged on the range.

 o. No combat-type ranges shall be permitted.



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