We cannot allow this conditional use permit to, against specific county code, be passed by our planning department or by our Supervisors. The Combat Facility, located in the very center of our hamlet, would rend our community to pieces.

Barhamsville is a quiet, peaceful community. Our residents are passionate, honest, patriotic, and truly concerned about the fate of eastern New Kent and upper James City Counties.

Many of our neighbors are farmers or are retired and at home all day. Some of our neighbors work irregular days or night shifts. Some of our neighbors are disabled and are home bound. And some of our neighbors, unfortunately, struggle with PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder.

Businesses and farms, too, would suffer from this Combat Facility. Horses and livestock would suffer. Our pets left at home during the day would suffer. A decline in eco-tourism caused by the noise will directly affect our wineries and “pick your own” farms. Area artists working from their home studios would also be afflicted.

Here are links to just some of our enterprises or organizations, many owned by women, and many home based, which would be affected–

If you own a business, or know of one in the community which would like to be part of this effort, please check out our Facebook page and ask to be added.

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