Recent Activity:

While CUP-02-18 has been withdrawn, the future intentions of the Curits group are unknown, so it is not time to let down your guards.  Keep your signs up – wear your orange shirts.

We are continuing to make our presence known to the county officials. Several members of the community have been attending the official meetings, and testifying during the citizen comment periods. See reports of the July Planning Commission meeting and the July Board of Supervisors meeting.

Has your sign been stolen? Read about stolen signs…

A proposal (CUP-02-18) has been submitted to build a military combat training facility in Barhamsville, that would have 4 driving courses, 5 shooting ranges and up to 40 explosions a day. According to the application, the facility would NOT be open to the public. See the proposal and its impact on you.

Please read about what you can do!

Read what others are saying: Letters to the County Officials – One is so well written — and captures so much of the overall concern about this proposed Combat Range in our community — that it is imperative we share it with everyone.

“No matter how the facility is designed, no matter how it is built, the Curtis Security Consulting facility will be a major disruption in the community and will be heard for miles” – the founder, former owner and former President of ITI West Point