It passed!

No Combat Range in New Kent is an officially adopted prohibited land use!

John Lockwood Testifies Aug 12, 2019
John Lockwood Testifies Before the NKC BoS on Aug 12, 2019

At tonight’s meeting, the Board of Supervisors voted 4:1 to adopt an ordinance that adds Combat/Tactical Training Facilities to the list of prohibited uses in New Kent County. Thomas Evelyn cast the only “no” vote. More than 20 NK County residents in orange shirts attended the meeting. Seven Barhamsville residents testified in favor of the prohibition, and no one testified against. They spoke on the reasons the existing county laws are not adequate to protect the community against the dangers and disruption of a combat range, including the fact that Curtis application was to come to the Planning Commission with no negative recommendations, the lack of noise ordinances, the lack of safety regulations, and the deficiencies of the CUP process. You can read the full text of their remarks.

Stay tuned for news of a community celebration of this important milestone.

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Call to Action

TONIGHT – Monday, August 12 – 6pm – Board of Supervisor Meeting at the New Kent County Admin Building Hearing Room.

The Board will formally consider adding Combat Ranges to the list of prohibited county land uses.

This has taken 15 months to get on the schedule. If at all possible, PLEASE ATTEND. WEAR YOUR ORANGE SHIRTS. Bring your orange signs.

Let our county officials know we are still here – waiting – expecting them to do their jobs and support New Kent County Citizens!

See you there!

Recent Activity:

While CUP-02-18 has been withdrawn, the future intentions of the Curtis group are unknown, so it is not time to let down your guards. Keep your signs up – wear your orange shirts.

We are continuing to make our presence known to the county officials. Several members of the community have been attending the official meetings, and testifying during the citizen comment periods. See reports of the August Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission meetings.

Please read about what you can do!

Read what others are saying: Letters to the County Officials – One is so well written — and captures so much of the overall concern about this proposed Combat Range in our community — that it is imperative we share it with everyone.

“No matter how the facility is designed, no matter how it is built, the Curtis Security Consulting facility will be a major disruption in the community and will be heard for miles” – the founder, former owner and former President of ITI West Point